Zombie Pub Crawl and deliciousness from Sugar Plum Chocolates


Check out this review of our Zombie Bars by our good friend Leslie @ Leslie IRL! Thanks Leslie!

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If you’re looking for an appropriate treat for Halloween, or perhaps you’re a rotting corpse and you’re getting sick of eating brains, then you have to try this delicious white chocolate Zombie bar from Sugar Plum Chocolates. This fiendish treat was lucky enough to be the star of a Food Network special, and is delicious to boot!

Sugar Plum Chocolates, for those who don’t know, is a super quaint sweet shop hidden in Forty Fort, PA. I hadn’t even heard of it until I met the owner, Neil Edley, at a POWER meeting at a local bar. I’m so happy that Sugar Plum is a NEPA business! There are lots of local businesses we can be loud and proud of in Northeast Pennsylvania, and Sugar Plum is just one more.

Photo by Lois Grimm

By the by, the most perfect place to hand out Sugar Plum’s Zombie Bars is…

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